Brainfreeze E-Liquid

Brain Freeze was a new range of 0mg/mL E-Liquids, that used a heavy dose of Koolada to create a cooling flavour not only in your mouth but also through your throat on inhalation (Does anyone remember Tizer Ice?! It was like that).

Tasked with creating the whole brand image including logo, packaging and all POS/Promotional material.

To give an shiny ice like appearance the labels are printed on to a foil PP material. A custom cutter was used to create a jagged edge and to give, along with the clear bottles, a feeling of ice. We utilised various opacities of white plates in the printing process, to create a variety of levels of shine throughout the label giving a real sense of depth and an almost ice like texture/shine.

The range currently consists of five flavours, each flavour needed it’s own unique colour to clearly distinguish between flavours, but to follow the overall design of the rest.


Logo Design
E-Liquid Label Design
Point of Sale




“We’ve worked with Stop the Noise on a number of occasions now and they really do deliver everything we ask for. In the busy world of E-Liquid it’s imperative that our liquids stand out not only for their flavour, but their look. We think they nailed it perfectly.”

Shaun Wedgwood – Director, EL-Science

We evidently didn’t employ a real hand model.


Close up of a label mock.


Three of five foil PP labels.


The brain illustration.