8 Bit Potions

Jouw Licht op 040 is a project from Philips LightingHeijmansEindhoven and TU Eindhoven that brings smart city lighting to five pilot area’s in Eindhoven.

With scattered information on several (social) media channels and the challenge to include residents and users of the public space on this topic, we set out to create a platform to make it happen. In just 10 weeks we created this concept together with De Redactiegasten, had two feedback/input sessions with all involved stakeholders, designed, built and released this modular, future ready platform with the user-friendly Craft CMS.

It features a filterable timeline on location or type of topic – combined with a dynamic map, in-your-face CTA to share and idea and Facebook Comments on every suitable article (FB comments save a lot of moderation) and intelligent SEO optimisation.


Packaging and label design
Game to generate online response
Point of Sale



“Stop the Noise took our vague description of ‘old school gamey’ and turned it in to reality. Elaborate packaging, incredible knowledge of the TPD and CLP legislation and even a really addictive online game. We couldn’t of asked for any more.”
Andrew Humphrey – Director, EL-Science

Treasure chest packaging.


A vape mat resembling arcade controls and instructions to compliment the online game.


An arcade style poster to be used in store, flavour profiles and instructions of the game.


An addictive online game based around the 3 flavours of liquid.


A5 Flyers, including flavour profiles to be handed out in store.